The Take                                        Supporting                           Dir: Brad Furman
Sequential Paint                             Lead                                    Dir: Stephen Dackson
Rome & Jewel                                Lead                                    Dir: Charlie Kanganis
December Ends                              Supporting                          Dir: Lee T. Krieger
Molding Clay                                  Supporting                          Dir: William Katt
Firedog                                           Supporting                           Dir: Scott Duthie
Time After Time                             Lead                                    Dir: Marcos Siega
From Justin to Kelly                        Lead                                    Dir: Robert Iscove
Brady Bunch: The Final Days         Lead                                    Dir: Jack Perez
Silver Metal Lover                          Lead                                    Dir: Randal Kleiser
Boychick                                         Lead                                    Dir: Glen Gaylord
In & Out                                          Featured                             Dir: Frank Oz


CSI:NY                                              Guest star                          CBS
Celebrity Deathmatch                     Guest star                          MTV
The Wilton Hilton                            Lead                                   Dir: Lee T. Krieger
Girlfriends                                       Guest star                          UPN
Undressed                                       Series regular                     MTV
The Andy Dick Show                        Guest star                          MTV
Even Stevens                                   Guest star                          Disney
Power Rangers                                Guest star                          FOX
Saturday Night Live                         Guest star                          NBC
All My Children                                Featured                            ABC
Another World                                 Featured                            NBC
Late Night With Conan O’Brien      Guest                                 NBC
72nd Academy Awards                    Singer/Dancer                  ABC


The Nothing Boys                           Gregory James                   Dir: Rick Sparks
Spike Heels                                     Andrew                              The Ventura Court
Carmen                                           Boys Chorus                       NYC Opera/Lincoln Center
Tosca                                              Boys Chorus                       NYC Opera/Lincoln Center
Lucia                                               Boys Chorus                       NYC Opera/Lincoln Center
Turandot                                         Boys Chorus                       NYC Opera/Lincoln Center


Disney’s Z Games                           Series Lead Host                Disney
That’s Incredible                             Host                                    WB
Dirt                                                  Host                                    Nickelodeon: G.A.S.
Abercrombie & Fitch                       Host                                    AFTV

Carter-Thor Studio Cameron Thor
The Larry Moss Studio Advanced Technique Breakdown Workshop
Young Actors Space Melora Hardin
Stone Street Studios, NY Angela Pietroponi

Dance (hip-hop, freestyle, breakdancing), guitar, gymnasticks, alto saxophone, boxing, magician, shotokan karate, sufing, impersonations, painting, graffiti art, basketball, baseball